Ripple in the water

When you pull your finger out of water, say, in a pool, pond, glass of water etc. the water quickly closes the void, as though your finger was never there. It also seems like that in life sometimes. Lately, I have had several friends in our business pass away. One was an editor at a hotel news magazine who over the years had become a friend. Earlier this year I called him and left a voice message. When I didn’t hear from him I emailed and left another voice message. Finally, the third time, I called the news desk and was told that Jay had passed away suddenly.

I was saddened by how quickly the news organization just closed the void Jay left behind and carried on as though nothing had happened.

This along with several other similar stories made me stop and think about life and what is important. The reality is that where you work, where you play golf, where you go to church, your group of friends will unfortunately move on very quickly should you be called home to the sweet by-and-by. It is your family that will have a hard time filling the void you left behind. Friends and acquaintances will move on in a couple of days, but your family will be the ones that carry the grief as they attempt to figure out life without you.

Therefore, my point is; choose family first. The question you must ask yourself is if whether another round of golf or another deal closing or another promotion or another trip to the gym, going to have an impact on your eternity? I am not saying you should quit your job and stay home with your family. What I am saying is to tune in your heart and your spirit to those closest around you and be aware of the subtle things that may not be said out loud, but you hear anyway. Listen when your children are talking to you and put the phone way. Focus on your spouse when he or she is telling you something. Listen with your heart and not just your ears and you will understand things that go beyond just what is being said.

There is nothing wrong with a trip to the gym or the golf course but be willing to put those things second place to your family if you sense you are needed at home more than where you planned to be.

There is nothing any of us can do to slow time down but when your finger is pulled from the pond of life, leave behind deep, wholesome, honest, uplifting memories of your time here. Those will be the things that hold your family together. KT

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