Father’s Day

This Sunday is Father’s Day. My own biological father will not here this year as he passed away last August. However, my other father (my stepdad) is still here and we got to go visit him and my mother a few weeks ago. His name is Gene and he has been one of the greatest influences in my life and he and my mom have showed us what love and family looks like.

My real father was a troubled man with a dark past and carried many secrets to his grave. In life we all have good examples to follow as well as bad examples. It may sound strange, but many times, it’s the bad examples that can help us see clearly what we don’t want to be like. Even though I loved him, this was the case with my father.

You have heard me say before that the greatest title I have ever held is one word, daddy. That is the name I am called by my daughters and the name I am the most humbled by. My daughters have never known a time where my unconditional love for them was ever in question. Many of the sweetest memories I have in life are moments I have spent with them. This Father’s Day will be great because I get to see and be with all my children, my wife, son in-laws and grandchildren.

Hopefully your Father’s Day will also be great, and you will be surrounded by those who truly love you. In life you have heard people say that there is a gray area, meaning something is subject to interpretation. With fatherhood, there is no gray area when it comes to your children being assured of your unconditional love for them.  Don’t let this Father’s Day pass without your family being assured of your love.  KT

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