The dictionary definition of the word “Redeemer” is somebody who redeems somebody or something, especially somebody who rescues another.

When we think of the term redeem, we often think of a coupon or a gift card. In essence, the coupon or card is exchanged for the product you wanted to buy.

In the spiritual sense, Jesus Christ was and is our redeemer; he exchanged himself and his life for me and you. I believe when he was dying on the cross, he was looking into the future at all the faces of all the Christians he was dying for. At some point that day, he saw my face and your face as he was looking into the future.

Nicole C. Mullen wrote a song in the early 2000s called “My Redeemer Lives,” and it is one of the most incredible songs I have ever heard. I listened to it yesterday, and it is so purposeful. A couple of the lines in the song say “Who taught the sun where to stand in the morning? And who told the ocean you can only come this far? And who showed the moon where to hide ‘til evening? Whose words alone can catch a falling star?”

Now, let me tell you about my Redeemer. My Redeemer took an uneducated, stuttering kid, who moved out of the house his senior year of high school, and he watched over me. He wrapped his arms around me and protected me. He allowed me to grow up and have an incredible family and anointed, blessed life. He redeemed me when he bought me, and he brought me through life. I literally owe him my life and everything in it.

He redeemed you too. KT

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