Cinderella Man

The movie “Cinderella Man” is one of the most meaningful movies of all time. It came out in 2005, and it is about a professional boxer named James Braddock in the early 1930s during the Great Depression. James was a husband and father of three little children; they were in the middle of the depression with no work, no money, and no hope.

The movie is tough to watch because if you have ever been broke and without hope, this movie touches your heart. James Braddock was almost too old to box, but if his family was going to survive, boxing was his only way out.

The main point of the movie was what had driven James Braddock to win. It was because of his wife and children; they were his motivation. Glory, honor and fame were not. He went on to win the heavyweight title when no one believed he could, and he saved his family from financial disaster.

I have discussed the word “motivation” many times with people, and I believe deeply that if you know the “why” you can figure out the “how.” When we were broke and dealing with the restaurants in the early ’90s, it was a tough time in our lives. I have been asked many times what motivated me to sell hotels. The answer is real simple. It was my wife who believed in me and the faces of my little girls when I would come home. No other motivation was needed because those three people were the “why” and selling hotels was the “how.”

In my case, it was clearly and solely the hand of God that brought us through that period of our lives.

Whether you are a man or a women, married or single, watch the movie because it will warm your heart and make you believe again in the simple reasons parents do the things we have to do. KT

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