Pine Straw Theory

I have a theory about sales, and I use the pine straw example as the metaphor. People generally hire the person that stays in touch with them. Not always. but most of the time

We have large flower beds in our front yard with shrubs, plants, flowers etc. We use pine straw to cover the ground and make them look good. In the 21 years we have lived where we do, I always hire the pine straw guys that knocks on my door and has the truck in the driveway loaded with the pine straw. Maybe I shouldn’t, but I don’t go hunting for the guy’s card I bought it from two years ago. I go with who is there today. I also suspect that many clients use the person that calls them and stays in touch with them.

Last week, I called two hotel owners I know well but haven’t spoken to in well over a year. They both said the same thing to me on the phone which is the purpose of this blog. They both said, “thank you for calling me and yes I want to discuss selling some hotels with you.” I sat back after those two calls and reminded myself of business 101 and the power of a call to just check in. People tend to respond to the people that are there now. You could have made the best presentation in the history of all presentations three years ago, but if you haven’t called the client recently, you may be missing out.

Even if you are an employee of a company, call your boss or stop by their office and just say, “I was just checking in to see if there is anything I can help you with.” You would be amazed how something that simple impresses people and endears you to them. We often hide behind texts and emails, but the live touch (phone call) is in many situations, the difference maker. KT

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