Nothing sells like confidence

I am in a sales business and I am a salesman. If I have learned one incontrovertible truth it is this. Nothing sales like confidence.

In our business we have all kind of pitch decks, glossy presentations and opinions of value and the best analytics money can buy. I have seen this thousands of times and it never ceases to amaze me every time it happens. The client will look at the materials you have presented but it always comes down to that 30 second decision where the client wants to hear what you personally think as compared to what you hand out for the meeting. It is in that 30 seconds, where the decision is made. That is where your confidence takes front and center and you either win the day or you don’t

I have always found it necessary to put myself in the client’s shoes and think like him or her. In doing this, I usually write down the questions they want to ask but may not voice. I also ask myself what is their motivation in selling or buying? I have found that if you can answer those questions without them having to ask, it is how you win the business. Some business trained folks think it is always about the money and I am here to tell that it isn’t. It is important but rarely the main reason. If you can get to the real motivation it will change how you present your findings.

I also know that many people work for a company and there is no selling involved. You just think there is no selling involved, but the truth, is everyone is a salesman. Every time you interact with someone else, you are selling yourself and what you believe in. You could be a school teacher, pastor, consultant, contractor, or a greeter at Walmart and every one of you is a salesperson. You are selling an experience and your belief in where you work or what you do. Confidence is contagious, compelling, and engaging and everyone wants to be around people that have it.

If you could pray for the thing that could change your life trajectory it would be self-esteem and self-confidence. KT

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