My two dogs

You have heard it said that many times owners and their dogs began to look similar and take on some of the same attributes. You have seen heavy, wide men with bulldogs and old guys with pugs or tall guys with great Danes, etc.

If I favored my dogs, I would either look like Santa Claus or a small ugly woman. Ha.

My oldest dog is a Yorkie that I traded a shotgun for 9 years ago. He turned out to be the runt of the litterliterally the runt. He is 2.7 lbs with the heart of a lion, but the body of a squirrel. He thinks he is in charge wherever he goes, but he basically has two things he does well: he loves everybody and he pees everywhere. Oh, by the way his name is Bear. Ha.

My other dog is a Sheltie that was given to my wife for Christmas two years ago, but he took to me and thinks I am his mother. His name is Broker because he was given to Elaine by all the brokers at Hotel AG. He was supposed to be 14-15 lbs when grown, and he is now probably over 20 lbs. He looks like Santa Claus because his fur is tan and white, and he has the personality of Santa: always fat, happy and looking for a treat.

We have a dog park down at the bottom of the hill from our home. I am talking 6-7 houses down. I have this old Jeep Grand Wagoneer that I love and last year, I had it out driving it with the tailgate window down. We were going to take the dogs to the park, so I just put Broker in the back with the window down for the 2-minute ride to the park. Well, when I got to the park and went around to get Broker out, I realized that within the 2-minute ride he had apparently completely voided his bowels. He had fired off probably 8 torpedoes in that two-minute time span. When I got home, my old Wagoneer had 8 dark, smelly spots in the tailgate area. I guess you could say he is a little skittish.

So, I have one dog that could take up hunting because he would look good sitting in the truck and then another dog that couldn’t even jump in the truck.

You know all is well in the world when around 9 at night the Sheltie is sleeping on the couch and the Yorkie is lying on his back with his feet in the air. No worries and all is calm and full of peace. KT

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