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I have a three-car garage in the basement of our house that is my space. I have had all kinds of muscle cars over the years and bought and sold many. In my next career, I would like to have a vintage muscle car dealership. I think seeing those cars and trucks every day and watching them go through the restoration process would be a kick. Probably would not make any money, but it would be fun.

Last year, I did something that was fun, exhausting and almost spiritual. I pulled everything out of the garage. Yes, everything. When it was completely empty, I cleaned and washed the floor and readied the garage for a makeover. I painted the floors, walls and supports all battleship gray. It looked like a Navy vessel when I got through.

Next, I went out and bought sections of carpet to adhere to the floors where the cars would actually set. Then, I started on the workbench and saw things I didn’t even know I owned; I organized each item, and everything had its own place. For Christmas last year, Elaine gave me a new toolbox. Now, this is not some little girl toolbox. This is the size toolbox you see in the NASCAR garage when you watch TV. It has roller bearing drawers and slick black paint; it is the smack daddy of all toolboxes.

This garage is as perfect as a garage can be. I sold my super sport Chevelle and Cheyenne Pickup last year and now only have a Grand Wagoneer in the stall. I want a 69 Boss 429 Mustang or 66 Shelby, but who knows if that will happen. Ha.

Why am I telling you all of this? It is because of how I felt when I got finished. My mind was clear, and anxiety did not exist. While I cleaned, I made some life plans, figured out some pressing answers, and renewed my spirit. I do not know about women, but I can tell you as a guy that cleaning an area like a garage helps men think through life issues. The time alone cleaning a garage is as good of therapy for the soul as anything I have ever done. KT

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  1. Stan feels the same way cleaning his workshop and sorting screws, nails, bolts, washers drill bits, etc!

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