My Mom and Gene

Today is my mom and Gene’s anniversary. Let me tell you about them. My mom is, of course, my mom, which is the one who will always love you regardless of what you do, and Gene is her second husband and “technically” my stepfather. I want to tell you about them because they have played a very vital role in my life and in the lives of my siblings. They have given us kids a wonderful example of what a family should be like.

As I said above, Gene is “technically” my stepdad, but there has never been anything technical about it. He is my dad, and I love him dearly. Before he and my mother married, they both had two children from their previous marriages and then one son after they married. We are like the Brady Bunch because they made it work for all of us children and set the example for us all to see.

I am especially grateful to Gene for loving me without partiality. He simply came into our lives and loves each of us as though we were his biological children. Without hesitation, I can tell you that Gene loves me and my sister with the same level of love as his own children. Growing up there was never, and I mean never, any partiality between us kids. There was never a different level of Christmas presents for some rather than others, and they never favored one over the other. As an adult father, I know what a commitment that was for him, and for as long as I live, he is my father. Not one time was I ever introduced as his stepson. He always introduced me as his son, and I always knew his love for me was unconditional. I know other families where there are stepchildren involved and almost always there is a difference between the levels of love shown. He never wavered with his love and commitment to all of us kids.

My mom is simply my mom. There is not a greater love than that of a mother to her children. When were were young, finances were tight, but they balanced everything so we all had a great home and the things we needed. She is one of my heroes and one of the sweetest ladies that I have ever known.

Not every home is a good example of what to follow, but having had a great example to follow was, and is, one of the things I am most grateful for. Thank you, Mom and Gene. KT

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  1. Just a week or so ago I had that same talk with Gene and thanked him for loving me like his own. His response was, “you are my own”. You are so right that we had a great family example.

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