Christmas music

I love Christmas music and find the music very therapeutic. It is because the music is based on joy, and the settings are about a holiday season centered around home and family. In my car, there is a hard drive to the music system where I can download CDs, and the music is stored without having to get the CD out and plug it in. I have all kinds of music on that hard drive, but included is about four full CDs of Christmas music.

Many times (you don’t really want to know how often) if I am traveling or had a stressful day, I will turn on some White Christmas or Silver Bells to relax me. Kind of strange, right? What I didn’t say is that I do this at all times of the year only when I am alone in the car. There is something about the Christmas season that seems to heal the soul, create hope in your spirit, and help you focus on the good in other people. It helps the return of joy and the hope of the future.

It is said that in combat zones during WWII that they played Christmas music throughout the hospitals and bases that were stationed overseas. They played the music because of the hope, joy, and sense of family that it builds in the human spirit. There was no better place to create those thoughts than on military bases overseas. They wanted the soldiers to know what they were fighting for because they knew that the hope of getting home was one of the greatest images a soldier could have.

So, I know that Christmas music is everywhere during this season of the year, but keep an old Bing Crosby White Christmas ready for when things don’t go so good in July and you need something to lift your spirit. Think of me when you play it because there is a good chance I will have it on as well. KT

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