My friend Joe

Joe has been my friend for many years as well as one of my clients. He is 49 years old, from New York, and you can hear him talk a block away. He is one of the funniest guys I know. Yesterday I called him to tell him I was looking through our business’ database and sorted for the word “ugly” and his file came up. We had a good laugh.

Please pray for my friend Joe. He is waiting for a heart transplant. He has been in very poor health for several years, and he has had a number of procedures to correct his heart issues. Today, he has a mechanical apparatus that keeps his heart pumping, and he told me that the power pack is about the size of a football. He will have his heart transplant in Tampa when that call comes in. He and his wife are simply waiting for the call.

When we spoke yesterday and he was telling about his status, I got real still and real quiet; I knew in that moment that we were going to talk about salvation. I ask the Lord for the words to come fluently out of my mouth and be seasoned with his grace. I asked Joe if he was a Christian, and he said yes to the best of his knowledge he was. He said he was a Catholic, but believed he was a Christian. The words that came out of my mouth at that moment had to be from God because what I told him was so simple and so true.

I told Joe that it doesn’t matter what the name on the church is or if you check this box or that box or attended this meeting, etc. All that mattered was that he believed in his heart that Jesus was, and is, the son of God and that he died on the cross and was raised up again for our salvation. I also told Joe that there is not some magic set of words that you have to say, you don’t have to meet the pastor at the front of the church, you don’t have to do anything except believe in your heart the above statement is true.

Our call together got quiet, and he thanked me. I told Joe that if he needed me at 3 o’clock in the morning, that I would be there for him and his wife Cindy.

Sometimes in life and in business, you have call or a moment that you will never forget. For me, I will remember yesterday’s call for the rest of my life. It was one of those moments that will stay with you, and you are so glad that you boldly shared your faith.

Please pray for my friend Joe because he is struggling in life and needs to be lifted up. KT

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