How quickly your life can change

Have you ever almost had an accident that afterwards you stopped and realized how close you came to everything changing in your life and your family’s life? You stand still and know that it was God’s grace that covered you in that moment. He also covered and spared your children and your spouse from the heartache that would have changed their lives.

We have all probably had a moment or two like this. Maybe it is time for you to stop and say thank you to God for being there in that moment.

Two stories about me. I was working out yesterday and had to stop to just say a word of thanksgiving for God insulating and protecting me a couple of months ago in that same room. I have this Bowflex machine I bought 15 years ago; it’s the machine where you do the leg lifts and it has these cushioned bars that you use. So, imagine two cushions held together on a steel bar with a hard steel knob right in the middle. I would turn around backwards and do reverse pushups on these cushions. A year or so ago, I was doing this very thing, and I had a spike in my spirit that told me to be careful when doing this because if I slipped, I would fall back directly on my spine. Note this point–God told me to stop doing that and gave me a vision of what could happen.

Well, a few months ago I was doing this very thing and as you might guess, I slipped and hit on that hard steel knob with my full weight directly on my spine. It scared the daylights out of me and tore a big spot on my back the size of a banana. Here is my point, God insulated me at that moment, and it didn’t hurt my spine, which could have been devastating. Yesterday when I was working out, I stopped, sat down, and said a prayer of thanks and almost teared up over what could have happened.

Second story.  I was walking in London, and I was in a hurry. As you know, they drive on the opposite side of the road. I was crossing a road and looked left (like in the US) and came within a few inches of stepping in front of a bus and losing my life. When I stepped back from that bus, I stopped and realized what almost happened. I won’t say I needed a shower, but I was pretty close to it.

Why am I telling you this today? I am saying that we all should look back over our lives and stop to say a word of fervent thanksgiving to God for taking care of us over the years and for protecting our families from losing us. Sometimes, true deepest joy comes from knowing how blessed you really are. KT

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