Make the change before you have to

In each of our lives, we know what changes we need to make. The problem is many of us wait until we have to make the changes before we actually do it.

There are many examples in our lives of areas that we know we need to change, but several examples are diet, health, weight, exercise, honesty, unhealthy relationships, finances, employment, education, what you read or watch, people you have no business being involved with, etc.

Let’s just take one that we can all relate to: losing weight or getting in shape. You have heard stories about people that wait until a doctor comes into a room and gives them the bad report before they get serious about their health. Once the doctor comes in the picture, then they start eating salads, walking, and began the process of getting themselves into a better physical condition. When you close your eyes, you know the area of your life that you need to change. There is really very little question about it.

My point is the person probably knew what to do years before the doctor visit, but would not start until the bad report. Additionally, my point is to take an inventory of where you are in life and where you want to go. More times than not, many of us know what changes we need to make in order to go where we want our lives to go. It’s the holiday season, so why not now?

Another example would be in the financial area. It is very common to think that you will continue to earn what you are earning forever, but we all know that at some point you will retire. Where are you at in your planning stage? Another example is college. If you have children, your perfect wish is probably for them to go to college. Trust me when I tell you that college is getting expensive, and just telling your children that they are completely on their own with all college expenses is probably not what the parent wants to do.

I am a Georgia football fan. This past weekend, Georgia played Auburn and won, but there was one event that happened that I will use as the example of what I am saying here. There is a very prominent running back on the Georgia team that has all the prospects of a great life in football beyond college and into the NFL. Well, the game was almost over, and he got tackled and tore his ACL; suddenly the future he has been planning is now in question. The point is that it is impossible to be prepared for everything, but there are things you can start doing today that will help if an unfortunate event happens in your life.

When you make changes in your life, you don’t have to wait until the finished product is complete. You will start sleeping better on the first day after you start. There is something about starting that gives your spirit a release and your mind a relief; just knowing that you are on track in life will help every aspect of your life now. KT

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