A mother’s eye

There are a few things in life that never change and remain the same. The watchful eye of a mother is one of them. They seem to know things about you when there is no way they could have known. Their love is unconditional, and it never changes, regardless of how old the children are. Today, my mother can ask me a question and with those eyes, almost see right into my soul. A mother just knows things about their children; there is a sixth sense and a protectiveness that no one ever wants to cross. Watching my wife with our daughters when they were young and now seeing her with our granddaughters is such a beautiful thing to behold- witnessing the love.

I remember when our oldest daughter was about five-years-old, and we were at a mall shopping for the holidays. Well, we looked around, and she wasn’t where she was supposed to be. We started quietly calling her name, trying not to cause a scene. Well, that was fine for about 30 seconds and then it was full on. Elaine took the area we were in, and I ran for the store door that leads from the department store into the mall. Believe me, I was prepared to lay my life down if that is what it took. We were not quiet anymore as we called her name; at that point, we really didn’t care who saw us or what they thought. I remember my wife during this episode, and I can tell you that no one would want to challenger her while she was looking for her baby. She would have taken on a Mack truck to get her child back. As it turned out, our daughter had gotten into the center of a clothing rack when Elaine found her. As you can guess, we did not do anymore shopping that night.

I was in Alaska a few years ago with some clients, and in one of the stores, they had some photos of grizzlies in the wild. There was this one photo of a mother grizzly with her cubs standing in a river. There was male grizzly that was approaching the mother’s cubs, and the photographer snapped the picture as the mother bear was heading toward the threat. When the picture was snapped, the mother bear had all 4 four feet about a foot off the ground as she charged toward the male bear. She was in death attack mode. It was the most animal amazing picture I had ever seen. Needless to say, that mother bear was not playing around, and nothing was going to get between her and her babies. The caption beneath the picture read “Hell hath no fury like that of a mother.”

Everyone reading this blog post knows what I mean when I refer to a mother’s look and a mother’s eye. You can’t hide from it or escape it, and in those eyes, is the most pure example of unconditional love that exists. KT

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