Love you papa

It’s easy to get a little overwhelmed working through this COVID-19 situation. Yesterday, I was feeling a little put out by all the changes to our business and personal lives. We are in week seven of work-from-home, so I was a bit anxious about what the balance of 2020 looks like.

Yesterday, I went home for lunch and while I was gone, my two oldest granddaughters had stopped by the offices. With the help of a label maker, my middle granddaughter (Darby) made a stick-on label that simply said, “love you papa” and stuck it to my keyboard. I sat down at my desk after lunch and saw that little sticker and it made me stop in my tracks. All the tension and anxiety surrounding our business and lives just melted away. It choked me up a little when I realized that the most important gifts in my life are my family and they are all ok. Its amazing how a little gesture like a stick-on label can become so valuable. It will remain in that place on my keyboard until it wears off, but the memory of it never will. KT

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