Edelweiss is a song made popular by the movie, The Sound of Music in 1965. It was created as a show tune by Rogers and Hammerstein in 1959 and was the last song ever written by Oscar Hammerstein before his death in 1960.

This song brings up one of the funnier memories I have. See, it is the perfect lullaby song to sing to young children as you try to get them to sleep. Its harmonious melody and rhythmic sound are very calming and soothing.

So, the funny story is that when my girls were very young, I would sing this song to them before bedtime. I didn’t know the real words, so I just made up some to go along with the tune. As the girls got a little older, I kept singing the same words I had made up because they were familiar to them. To my girls, that was just the correct way to sing the song. Ha

Fast forward to my oldest daughter’s wedding and we had the band play the real version of the song at the reception. When I think about it, I still can’t help but laugh because my girls heard (for the 1st time) the real words and thought the band had made a mistake. One of them ask me at the reception why the band didn’t know the right words? They were serious too. Ha. I had to tell them I made up the words when they were little.

Well, Elaine and I were at my youngest daughter’s house a week or so ago and I was holding our newest little granddaughter and I started to sing the song to her. It made me snicker a little because the words I sang were the same words I sang to my girls when they were little. Well . . . maybe my newest granddaughter will not hear the right words until her wedding too?? KT

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