Little Bear

Our little 14-year-old dog (Yorkie) passed away yesterday. His name was Bear and when he was in health he weighed 2.7 lbs. and the little fellow had the body of a squirrel and the heart of lion.

It used to make me laugh when we would let him out of the front door in the mornings and he would walk to edge of the porch and puff out his little chest and bark at the top of his lungs telling the world that he was awake and ready to face the day. Over the last few months his health went down fast and he lost most his eyesight and hearing and had lost almost 1/3 of his body weight and couldn’t hardly stand up. Yesterday he joined our other Yorkie (named Tiger) who passed away seven years ago, and they are buried side by side.

I believe God (my imagination) created all the other animals of the world and saved the dog for last, which is why the word dog, is God spelled backwards. If you have ever had a hard time understanding the unconditional love of God, just look at your dog. Their love is unconditional, and they forgive past transgressions quickly. When God created a dog (again, my imagination) he said, I want to create an animal that needs and desires the companionship with people. That is why dogs become so loved.

Funny story. I knew Bear was a keeper because when we first got him, my oldest daughter brought home a boy she was dating, and the guy picked up Bear and he peed on him. ha. Bear was protecting my daughter the only way he knew how!! That guy was Brad Sinclair who went on to marry my oldest daughter.

Yesterday was hard on my wife and I because we had this little mutt for 14 years in our family. KT

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