Bend in the road of life

Sometimes in life, the road (our future) is straight, and we can see where we are going, and life seems to be on autopilot. Then there are times when the road bends unexpectedly and we cannot see where it leads. It is in those times we must trust that we are on the right road.

Everyone I know has had to face a bend in the road of life at some time or another. A bend can come as a health issue, a financial issue, a job change, marital change, death of a loved one, a deep loss, a change in our confidence, starting over financially, strife with another, a sale that you missed, a promotion you were passed up for etc. This list could go on for pages, but you get the idea. A bend in the road is seen as something you were not expecting but nevertheless, something that has changed in your world. The good news is a bend in the road is not always a bad thing. It is just a change from where you thought you were going.

29 years ago, I thought my future was in the restaurant business until the bend in that road came along. What I found around the corner was so much better than where I thought I was heading and what I thought I wanted. The restaurant business was a disaster heading straight down hill and then around the bend, I was introduced to hotel brokerage. To say it was unexpected is a vast understatement. That change in career path was not even on my radar screen but as soon as I recognized God’s hand in it, I knew it was the right direction for my life.

When you are faced with a bend in the road that you can’t see around, it is unnerving and unsettling because we all want to oversee and be in charge of our future. We want to be in the driver’s seat in control. When a bend in the road of life happens, it is like driving through the mountains in a fog. You cannot see the road in front of you more than a short distance. In that moment you must be confident that you are on the right road and going in the right direction. The fog will eventually lift, and you will see the road before you.

Many times, when you are faced with a bend in the road of life, you need to have some place and someone to put your trust in. That place and that person for me is God. Again, the bend in the road is not always bad. Sometimes it is just God’s way of leading us on a new path for our life. KT

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  1. Having had several bends in my journey, I am so glad always that God is in control and has the aerial view. I just keep following because I too have my trust in Him.

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