Life is dispensed one day at a time.

With all the world’s inventions, changes, and methods of communicating, no one can yet predict what tomorrow holds. God still dispenses life one day at a time.

Every time I think of this topic, I think of a road in the north Georgia mountains that I have always loved. You come over a mountain and around a curve and the road stretches out in front of you for what seems like several miles. The road is straight and has many hills and valleys, and you can see it all when you come over that mountain. Every time I see it, I think of God and how we would love to see our lives all stretched out before us.  In other words, know our future. Unfortunately, in real life we cannot see the road ahead with all its ups and downs and curves. Only God can see that.

I have recently lost some close friends suddenly who had no time to prepare. It just happened. They were there one day with all their plans, hopes and dreams of the life ahead only to never get the chance to experience it. It was their time and only God knew when it would happen.

It’s really a good thing that we cannot know the future because if we knew when our day was, it would affect every decision we make today. If you knew you had 10,20,30,40 years left, you may be tempted to live like the devil for a while. Ha. If you knew your homecoming day was next month, I would guess it would change everything you did this month. It would fill you with unimageable fear and regret the likes of which you have never know.

So, God doesn’t tell us our future and its is a good thing. It allows us to live our life with all our hopes, dreams, plans and expectations without the fear of the future. That said, if you did know your homecoming day, I would imagine you would work with all your might to repair relationships, love more deeply, and show grace and forgiveness whenever possible. Isn’t that how we should live life our life anyway? KT

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