Debt can steal your joy

It is hard to be in life’s moments when each moment you are worried about debt and how you are going to pay it. I am not talking about the usual debt like on a house etc. but debt that goes well beyond your capacity to repay.

Elaine’s mom passed away in May and we were going through some dated pictures that I was in. In each picture of the early and mid-90’s, I can see my face and know what I was thinking. Even though the occasion was a happy time when my girls were little, I will never forget what it was like not knowing how I was going to make ends meet.

You see, I did a foolish thing in 1988. I bought three fast food restaurants thinking I was going to do well and provide a good life for my family. The result was ten years of debt, worry, and misery before I finally got rid of the last restaurant. If anyone reading this blog ever thinks they want to open a restaurant, I have three words of advice. Don’t do it! ha.

There is a friend of mine that has been tanged up in debt with the federal government for a number of years. Every time I see him, the anxiety and worry are written all over his face. His situation has robbed him of the last 6-8 years of his life. Literally robbed him because he is never at peace and rest.

 I learned something many years ago that has helped me. When thinking about a decision or investment or a loan, I ask myself the following question; If things go bad, will it affect our lifestyle and cause me stress and worry. If I can’t honestly say it wouldn’t affect us, I don’t do it and I don’t care how good the deal or opportunity is.

Pictures tell a thousand words. We should try our best to put ourselves into a position that when someone takes our picture, we can be in the moment and the smile be real. KT

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