Just say yes

Teddy Roosevelt once said, if you are ever asked if you can do something, just say yes and then go figure out how to do it. Clearly this is not for all life decisions and clearly it is more on the professional/work/job side. Example if someone comes to you and asked if you can rob a bank, you probably shouldn’t say “yes I can.” If your boss asked if you know how to do something, then take Teddy’s advice and say yes.

Years ago, I was serving as a deacon in a Baptist church, and they wanted to nominate a secretary to take the minutes/notes. No one wanted that job especially me. This one guy raised his hand and said he would do it. He took notes and we completed that meeting, and everyone went home. The next deacon meeting stated with this guy reading the minutes from the last meeting. He had it typed out and in such organized detail it was amazing.

I have thought about that in relations to work/clients/jobs and realize that the person that says yes and then goes on to perform the role in a professional manner will become a valuable person to the organization. When promotions are handed out, my guess is that will be the person that gets the job. Bosses love being able to have a go to person in any organization for the unusual project or help with an existing one. So, in the words of teddy Roosevelt, just say yes and then go figure out how to do it. KT

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