Hallmark Christmas movie

We watched a Hallmark Christmas movie last night that stirred something inside me. The movie is new, and it was about this middle-aged father/husband who was still searching for significance in his life, family, and career. I know this might sound a little hokey, but stay with me.

He was frustrated with the path his life had taken and couldn’t seem to find his path forward. He met a Santa Clause (I know,,, eye roll) and told the Santa that he wished he would have made a different decision 20 years ago because if he had, he would have everything he wanted today. Santa asks, “are you sure you want this?” the guy says, “absolutely” and the Santa said ok.

He wakes up from a dream and he has everything he wanted. Great house, great business, money, prestige, fame etc. He was so happy until he started trying to find his family. The Santa appears and the guys ask Santa where his family was, and the Santa tells him he made that different decision and therefore didn’t have his family. He went on to tell the guy he had until Christmas Eve to find the meaning and change back to his life as he knew it. You know how it ends.

The point is this. Many times, we don’t want what we already have until we don’t have it anymore. We don’t know what hangs in the balance of every decision we make and the path that decision puts us on. It is nice to watch a little holiday movie that reminds us of what we really want and what is really important in our lives. KT

PS the movie is called -A kiss before Christmas. The main actor is James Denton.

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