Jack Ward

Jack Ward passed away this week after a long illness and he was one of my most dear mentors in business and in life. He was one of the founding partners of HodgesWardElliott, an Atlanta based hotel brokerage firm that gave me the opportunity 30 years ago to sell hotels.

There are not enough words to really express the impact Jack had on my life. He took a very inexperienced young man and wrapped his arm around me and taught me the business. At the height of my personal financial crisis (restaurants) in the early 90’s, Jack personally loaned me the money to keep the business afloat long enough to get out.

He was the glue that held the company together and his door was always open for any of us brokers to get his council. I remember his desk was always full of projects, but when I stopped by to talk to him, he would always look up from his desk and give me as much time as I needed. What a leader and what a man that put the needs of his people above his own personal needs.

I will remember Jack for the rest of my life and will always strive to emulate the example he set. KT

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