Call me silly

This morning I got in my truck heading to the office for week six of the, work-from-home situation relative to the COVID-19 virus.

My radio options were many including every news outlet, financial news outlets and many music options. I was thumbing through my phone and clicked on Vince Gill singing, “It came upon a midnight clear” Christmas song. I said, “what the heck, let’s play it.” Vince cuts down on that song with that high tenor voice singing one of the all-time classics. I wouldn’t admit this out loud, (although, I guess I am) but I listened to it three times. Ha

It was once said that soldiers in battle were dreamers. When the guns start, they dreamed of warm firelit homes, Christmas carols and their wives.

We live in a great country. In times of stress like the quote about the soldiers above, sometimes you just need to listen to a Christmas song to lighten your spirits. KT

1 thought on “Call me silly

  1. LOL, we are cut from the same mold for sure. I listen to Christmas music so often and I don’t really know where that comes from but is makes me feel hopeful.

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