It’s the simple things

It’s the simple things and simple moments that make us who we are. The big events are the byproduct of who and what we are.

It’s the unconditional love of a parent, the love and respect of a wife or husband, the grandchild calling your name, the peace of knowing things are right between you and God, the smell of Starbucks coffee in the morning, and I could go on.

See, we must choose to embrace these moments and choose to live our lives in a way that puts us in the spiritual place to see these moments for what they are. Have you ever been really at peace and notice things like flowers and scenery you often just hurry by without noticing? We all have. I find that when you are right before God, that the greatest moments of peace always seem to follow.

The hymn “It is well with my soul” was written by a father/husband after he had lost his wife and children on a ship that sank. How this father/husband could pen the words to that song after his loss is beside me. As I have said before, sometimes the greatest moments of clarity, focus and peace come from taking a personal inventory of now. Literally now. I have found when we do this, it settles much of the anxiety and rush to accomplish and replaces it with thanksgiving and peace. The Bible speaks of the peace that passes understanding. I believe we see and feel that peace when we stop to give thanks for the now, rather than our list of wants and desires. KT

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