Is that important?

Today, my two little granddaughters came by the office for a visit. They know everyone in the office and make their rounds to see each person. It is really one of the sweetest things to watch.

In my office, I have two drawers (one for each granddaughter) with new toys that I have for them when they visit. It is like a small version of Christmas every time they visit and the rule is, they can pick only one toy each to take home.

It doesn’t matter who I am on the phone with, they just come in and hop up in my lap and start talking to me. I could be talking with the Queen of England and I would have to tell her, I need to call you back. Ha.

My youngest granddaughter was standing beside my chair putting a puzzle together when she said something that made me stop in my tracts. I was writing an email to someone while she was talking to me and she looked at me and asked, “papa is that important?” My hands paused over the keyboard. I stopped and realized that, no, that email is not important. In fact, the most important thing right this moment is your voice, your presence and your words. You, are the most important thing.

In a moment’s flash, I realized that one day she will be too old to come and sit with her papa in his office. One day, she will be too busy with her own life to come to my office and one day, I will not even have an office to come to because that season of my life will be over.

Every now and then if we are fortunate, we get a glimpse or maybe just a quick visual of what is really the most important things in our lives. That moment with my little granddaughter was one of the important ones. I realized that I would never have that moment again. Once it was gone, it would be gone forever. Hopefully I would have many similar moments, but never one just like that.

So, in answer to her question, I said, “no sweetheart, nothing is more important that being with you right now.” KT

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