In your work, is your heart full?

One of the greatest feelings you can ever have is when you have done your very best. The term is “is your heart full.” I would love to tell you that in my work my heart is always full, meaning I have always my best, but that would not be true. There have been many times where I didn’t think the buyer/seller was serious and therefore did not put my best into the project and ultimately lost the piece of business. You do learn from these mistakes but they are painful.

I once read a story about Albert Einstein where he told about the late evening he finally developed the theory of relatively. This discovery is one of the two pillars of modern physics. The story is that when he competed the thesis, he went to put a paper clip on the pages and looked through the drawers until be found one but it was badly bent. Opening a few more drawers he found whole box of unused paper clips. He took one of the clips from the new box to shape it into a tool to straighten the one that was bent. When he was asked what he was doing. He said, “Once I am set on a goal, it becomes difficult to deflect me.”

This is a true story and a very good example of how I should be with every aspect of my business. I fall woefully short many times but it is nonetheless a goal to strive for. When you do something the very best you can do, that is really all you can do. Even if you don’t get the job, the business or the order, doing your best still helps you go home that night with a full heart. KT

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