A few differences between men and women

Aside from the obvious differences between men and women, there are some other noteworthy differences. Guys call their clothes, clothes. Ladies call their clothes, outfits. Guys can eat at the same restaurant several days in row and order the same meal each time and be perfectly happy doing so. Ladies not so much. Guys can and will wear the same shirt every day for a week and feel good about it whereas ladies feel the need to change it up every day. Guys like movies that involve sports, games or shooting. It’s just in our DNA.

I suppose this list could go on for several pages but one glaring difference I have noted has to deal with muscle cars.

In 2005 Elaine and I were at a large car show where I planned to buy and bring home a muscle car. I had a flatbed trailer behind my Tahoe and cash in an envelope. To say I was a real buyer is probably an understatement. I was locked and loaded. There were probably a 1,000 cars at the show and half of them could be bought if the price was right. At 9:30 when we got to the show, my beautiful bride told me, “take your time and don’t buy the first one you look at.” Roger that. I saw a red 1972 Chevelle Super Sport about 10 minutes into the hunt but knew I needed to follow my bride’s advice and keep looking. Long story short, we looked for about 6 hours and I bought that first red Chevelle. Ha

The funny part is that when I went back to the car to meet the owner, there were about five husbands and wives in the general area of the car. There was group of five ladies standing in front (literally) of the car I was about to start up and maybe purchase. I got into the car and started the engine and I am telling you, it loped, cammed, thumped and rumbled like a beast. The flow master exhaust on the Super Sport was deep, throttled and incredible. As I looked up at the five men standing around, they had all stopped and turned toward the car with their mouths open. When I looked at the five women standing in front of the car, they didn’t even notice or hear that the car had started up. They never even broke their conversation. The men were like little kids running in their underwear and the women did not even acknowledge anything had happened. I started laughing because at the time it was so funny to see firsthand one of the differences between men and women. The sound and beauty of a finely tuned automobile.

The world without women would be an awful place to live because the guys would all eat at Waffle House, wear the same shirt, only put the dishes in the washer when the cabinet was empty, watch only action movies and shave once a month. There would be no thank you notes, deep phone conversations, Christmas cards and no birthday cakes. If Adam didn’t have Eve, all the guys would still be living in a cave with no pictures on the wall, eating the same apples every day, ignoring phone calls and working our IPad in the dark. God definitely knew what we was doing. KT

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