When my oldest daughter was about three years old, she was learning her numbers and colors. I remember when we would ride in the car and stop at a red light, we would ask her what the colors meant. We would ask what the red light mean, she would say, “stop,” we would ask what the green light meant, she would say “go,” but when we asked her what the yellow light meant, she would say “hurry!”

We thought it was so funny, but this memory brings me to the point of this blog. When a caution light blinks in our life we should slow down and or stop, not hurry through it as though it never happened. The tendency is to rush through it because we know we are in the right, but many times God (if we will listen) flashes a yellow light because he knows what is on the other side of the intersection. Many times, the delay we experience in life is there to slow us down.

I used to get aggravated when a flight was late or cancelled or I was caught in a traffic jam, but I realized years ago that maybe it is God keeping me from where I would have been at the time I wanted to be there. I think God (if we will listen) has three lights in our life. Red for stop, green for go, and yellow for caution. Its pretty elementary but those same colors we learned when we were children are the very same colors that God used to direct our life. KT

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