Hitting the rhythm

In life as well as business there are periods where you began to hit the rhythm and things begin to work for you. They only last for a season and sometimes that season is a few months and other times it can last for a few years.

I don’t invest in stocks because I am old school in that I want to know before I open the envelope, that the amount is greater than it was last month. When your holdings are in the stock market you will open the envelope 8 times and the value will be down and 2 times the value is up. You never know when it is going to happen. Many people have told me how foolish I am not to be invested in the stock market. I don’t care. Did you know that the greatest daily gains on Wall Street for the last 105 years happened on 20 days? So there were 38,325 days in the last 105 years and if you were not invested on those 20 days, you missed the greatest gains. There is a rhythm to Wall Street investing that has never interested me.

Take General Motors for example. Their rhythm was during the 60’s and 70’s when they controlled the greatest global automobile market share. They have been largely out of rhythm for last 30 years. Look at Sears, their rhythm began to go downhill 35 years ago and they have never gotten it back.

Rhythm in business is hard to create and even harder to keep going. That is why it usually only lasts for a season. These rhythms last as long as the leaders can see the vision. Let me say that again. The periods of rhythm last as long as the leaders can see the vision. Take any company or any church or any civic organization that you know of and they will grow and success or began to falter based on the leader’s vison and talent to run the company. Once the leaders began to get complacent and satisfied, the company or the organization just crested the hill and is starting its way down.

When you experience a rhythm season in your life, you need to take notice and savor it like gold because it is a special special gift. How many times have we seen people take for granted the favor they are seeing in their life? When something good is happening, I have seen many people layback and think they have made it and don’t need to keep working. These are usually the ones that experience a very short rhythm season. Ha

Rhythms are very scarce and when they happen, be alert and focused and above all, be thankful. KT

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