Being the biggest is no guarantee of success

Being the biggest should not be the goal in business. If being the biggest was a guarantee of success, we would all be using IBM computers, driving GM cars, shopping at Sears, using Blackberry or Motorola cell phones, buying music CDs at the store, renting videos at Blockbuster, drinking Maxwell House coffee, and eating at Shoney’s.

All of these companies have one thing in common. They lost their market share because they thought they were too big to fail. New competition is something to be reckoned with and every company will face it.

There are some things that should never change like the way you love your children or cut the grass but in business you must always be watching the curve and make sure what you are selling is something the market still wants.

I remember when I started selling hotels and there wasn’t email, texting, cell phones, websites, scanning or many of the communication outlets we have today. When we listed a hotel we literally had to write the book and then print the book. Then you would call the buyer on your office phone and if he was interested you had to mail the printed book to the buyer. You have to go see every hotel because you had to take pictures. There were was no internet and therefore no pictures. You had to take a camera with Kodak film and get on a plane and go see each hotel. When you got back you took your rolls of film to the development place and then went back two days later to get the pictures. Ha. It is amazing how things have changed.

What is my point? The point is that there are areas of our lives that need not change but if you are in business, run a drug store, in sales, work at an airline, pastor a church etc. we need to be ready for change. KT

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