God’s hand

I believe when we ask for God’s direction, he either places his hand on our chest or on our back. See, I believe if the door you are planning to walk through is within God’s plan for your life, he places his hand on your back to help you through the door. If what you are planning to do is not in keeping with God’s plan, we will place his hand on your chest to stop you from going through the door. The question is are we listening to God and do we know where his hand is placed?

In 1988, I made a decision that almost cost my family’s financial future. I wanted (yes, I wanted) to buy some fast food restaurants from some friends of mine. Looking back, I believe God not only had his hand on my chest, but I believe he was trying to wrestle me to the ground. Ha. This was a wrong decision for me to make and God knew it, but I wasn’t listening. I did what I wanted to do. The rest of the story is we almost went bankrupt and it took eight years to get out from under that bad decision. After God got my attention, and I knew I was in trouble, like God wants us to do, I went to him and asked for his help; I said to God, “Lord, I have missed it and made a mess of things.” There are some decisions we make that are not easy to undo. Some, in fact, are life-changing. In my case, I had to suffer through the decision and work through the outcome, but I knew God was helping me.

So, with the decision you are planning, has God got his hand on your chest or your back? KT

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