Go back and start over

Funny story. We bought a lake house 11 years ago on Lake Lanier. We bought the house in February of 2003 and got some work done to the house, etc. One of the things we did was get the boat dock fitted with a boat lift for the ski boat. Remember, it’s February. So, when the boat lift was complete, I needed to bring the boat to the house, so I put the boat in the water at the marina a couple of miles from the house. The thought never occurred to me that the lake house and dock would look different from the water side. Well, as you can fast forward and guess, I fired up that Mastercraft boat and blew right by the house and never even saw it. I ended up out of the main channel in the big water and just simply could not figure out where I was. I hate to admit this, but it spooked me just a little. It was cold, and I literally could not get my bearings on where I was. I had to stop the boat in the water, get the map out, look for the marker on the shore, and try to find the same marker on the map. It took me 45 minuets in the cold to figure out what to do. I finally decided to go back to where I started and complete a “do over.”

I went back and got a “do over” and finally found the right destination. I think sometimes in life, it’s that way for us. We look around, don’t know how we got where we are, and can’t find the map markers to get us back. Spiritually, it’s like that sometimes with God, and we just need to go back to where we started and last heard God, and ask him for a “do over.” I find that he is always waiting for us to return, and he is always willing to lead us to the proper destination if we will simply ask him. KT

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