Friday nights

Every family has one day of the week that is more special to them because of fond memories. My day is Friday.

When our girls were little, Friday was always the day we went out to eat as a family. There were other days but the Friday night dinner together seemed to be the constant weekly event for our family. It almost makes me tear up thinking about all those Friday nights with my bride and my babies and how we all looked forward to that evening. After dinner there was usually a movie and ice cream when we got home and even on occasion there was wrestling in floor before the movie started. Ha

Friday night was the night when daddy was always home and we always looked forward to Saturday morning pancakes. Friday nights were special and today they still are. Friday night is still date night for me and Elaine.

When the girls were small we were so in debt and so broke that Friday night was the one night where I was able put aside the stress of the world. I have vivid memories of saying prayers with the girls and maybe even singing this special little song we would always sing at bedtime. Those are the memories of a life time that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

To many people Sunday is that special day. Don’t get me wrong, it is a good day but for me, Sunday evenings always meant that Monday was coming and all the things I had to do would start again the next morning.

Elaine’s family always set aside Friday night as the family night as well. There were six children in her family and they would usually go eat at this one restaurant that had a big table in the back. I think those family memories are very special to Elaine and her siblings. They had this big station wagon that all the family could fit in and on Friday nights, they would all load up and go out to eat together.

Finding a time of the week to set aside for your family is a very important thing to do. It gives children structure, stability and helps them create memories that they will carry into the next generation. In that time of week, turn off Facebook, email, text and the cell phone and build memories that will last a life time. KT

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