Forgiving and forgetting

God is the only being that can forgive and then has no remembrance of it. We as mere humans can choose to forgive the infraction but we are incapable of forgetting it. This is the way God created our minds.

Let’s say for example that a man comes to your front door and robs you. You can choose to forgive the man but that does not mean that the next time the same man comes to your front door that you have to open the door. The Lord has given us the ability to remember events so that wisdom can have its perfect place in our lives. Without wisdom, you would just open the front so the man could rob you again. Your memory protects you from putting yourself in the same position again. There is nothing wrong with our forgetter, rather wisdom takes over to guild us.

Say that a person lies to you. You can forgive him but the cautionary part of your being enables you to remember and protect yourself from future harm. It is the way it is supposed be.

When someone wrongs you, it is like being in a car wreck. Sure, you have the car repaired but it is never as though the accident did not happen. The car always bears the scars of the accident and the repair. It is the same with us when someone wrongs us. It is our memory that insulates and warns us to be careful.

When you think about this, it gives you a new perspective of God and his complete forgiveness. When he forgives, he erases the event from his memory. It is pure forgiveness. When you do something wrong and ask him to forgive you and then you come back and ask him for his forgiveness a second time, he just doesn’t know what you are talking about. I envision him listening to a second request for forgiveness just like when someone tells you something that they thought they already told you. That look on your face is the same look on God face. He literally doesn’t know what you are talking about.

So, there is a big difference in forgiving and forgetting. We can only do the forgiving part and God is the only one that can forget. KT

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