Fast decisions

The company was floundering, and the board decided to replace the CEO with a young aggressive guy to turn the company around. The next morning, the new CEO scheduled a meeting in the board room with all the company leadership. He walked into the packed board room ready to take charge, make some changes and show everyone just how magnificent a leader he was. When he walked in, he saw one of the guys leaning against the wall. In front of everyone, he walked up to the guy and ask him how money he makes every week. Surprised, the guy says about $400 dollars a week. The CEO turns around walks out and comes back a few minutes later with a check for $1,600 dollars which represented a month severance pay. He handed the guy the check and told him he was fired and to get out. The guy took the $1,600 check and quietly left. The new CEO, feeling that he had really made a real leadership statement and showed them who the new boss was, asked one of the other people what job role the fired guy did. The other person told him; he was the pizza delivery guy. Ha

The point is even though you feel like it (like twitter and all the singers and Hollywood stars), it is best sometimes to take breath, think about it before you make rash decisions. KT

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