Be bold

When my girls were still at home and in school, as with all children there were sometimes challenges. Whether it was a team they were trying out for, a class trip they were taking or this friend or that friend etc. I would always tell them to, Be Bold. Act like you belong there and deserve to be there. Not always, but many times how you are treated in life is about the attitude you go in with. I would tell them to be kind, be confident and be bold.

I was traveling a couple weeks ago to make a speech at a hotel conference and one of my daughters told me, be bold. Ha. The parent has become the child!

I have told this story before, but I was with a good friend of mine in Kentucky some years ago and he needed to fill a prescription at the local CVS. I told him we could drop it off and come back for it later. He said, oh no, I am going to get it filled right now and I said,,,,, ok, roger that. He said it is all about how you approach the situation. If you went in timid, they will make you wait but if you walk in confident, they will fill it on the spot. I know this may not be how is done now but this was back some years ago. I decided I would just watch what happens when he goes in there. Well, he walks in and tells the person he needs it filled and he is in a hurry. 10 minutes later he walks out with the prescription.

The point is that in life many times you need to muster your will, take a deep breath and while always having manners and kindness, be bold in everything you do. KT

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