Election Day

Today, we as America will elect our next president. While this election cycle has been the most divisive yet, there is good news.

God is still in control of the hearts and minds of America and that includes the Presidency. He is the one that controls the weather, the oceans, the stars, the moon, the sun, the world and the universe. Don’t you think he can handle a little president and the hearts and minds of a country?

I got up this morning and thought about living in a country where I can sleep safely in our home, read the bible, dress as I wish, go to Starbucks, drive my own vehicle and speak as I wish and see my family on a daily basis. I get to go to work and be in a free enterprise environment. I don’t have to worry about the military coming to my home and taking my children, or listening for bombs before my children can go to school. This Sunday I can go to church and worship freely and our children get to go to school every week and my family gets to live in a non-oppressive country. We get to go to movies, eat at our favorite restaurants, go to park with our dogs, celebrate holidays, visit with friends etc. you get the idea.

Don’t ever lose sight of what America is and stands for around the world. It is literally the beacon of hope around the world. The beautiful city built on the hill, the example of a democracy. Today, count it all joy that you get to go and vote freely for the president and leadership of your choice. We get to do that because we live in a free country. So go vote today. KT

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