Eeny, meeny, miny, moe

In the post COVID world, focus could be the most important word of the day. Focus means that you see all the options and choose to focus in one area. This is the difference maker when the world seems upside down and things you need to do or get accomplished come at you like a machine gun.

Each day seems like you are standing at home plate and baseballs are coming at you from all angles. You can’t do it all and certainly can’t do it all well. You need to focus on the things you can have an impact on and forget the rest.

I have these little “things to do” cards I carry in my pocket and have been using them since 1987. The purpose of the card is to list all the things you need/want to do that day, but the magic of the card is you must number them in priority. That’s right, start at number one with the thing that is the most important and go through the list until every item has a number beside it of importance.

Many days I might get the first three done but it is seldom I get all the items done. The objective is to stay on number one until you have accomplished everything you can do for that day on number one. Then you go to number two and so forth and so forth. It is basically a little reminder throughout the day of what is most important and what is not.

If you didn’t number them in importance, human nature would be to start with the easy objectives and work your way up to the hard stuff. By forcing yourself to put a number of importance beside each task, it forces you to focus your attention where you need it.

So, in the post COVID world of eeny, meeny, miny, moe – Do your list and stick to it and you and it will help you keep your focus where it is needed. KT

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