Big Boss and Little Boss

In the world of muscle cars, Ford made two Boss mustangs for the years 1969 and 1970. One was a 302 Boss (little boss) and the smack daddy 429 Boss (big boss.)

Once I become a zillionaire and no longer care about what something cost, I am going to buy a 1970 429 Boss. While this will probably never happen, it is fun to talk about it. The Boss-9 or nicknamed, Big Boss, is the muscle car I have always wanted. In fact, I have a diecast model in my office of a Grabber Green 429 that I look at every day. Ford only built 500 of the Boss-9’s for 1970.

In the hay day of muscle car horsepower (1968-1970) the Big Boss had no equals. It would spank a 426 Hemi Cuda or a 454 Chevelle like a dog that just peed on the rug. It was “rated” at 375 horsepower, but everyone knew it was lie just for insurance purposes. Straight from the factory the horsepower was said to be well over 500. It would go scary fast in a straight line, but heaven forbid if you needed to turn a corner or stop.

Today, these beasts restored sell for 200-300k which is why I will probably never own one. I do however dream of finding one (unrestored) in some old barn sitting next to its baby brother, 302 Boss and in the dream, I buy the matching pair of Boss mustangs. Ha.

In life you must have something you want (even if it’s a dream) or life becomes stale. So, if you ever hear a deep rumble pull up and I am driving a 429 Boss, you can smile with me. KT

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