Choose your examples well

How many times have you looked up to people only to find out that they are not really the person you thought they were? Without naming names, there are Hollywood actors, politicians, pro golfers, preachers, business leaders, and even friends that turned out to be big ole fakes.

One such person I know was very “cool” and other people actually wanted to be like that person; then, one day the person fell off the grid and everyone became aware of who they really were. Many times, you will read about Hollywood actors and pro athletes who just simply fall off the wagon one day. Once you hear what they did, you realize that you should have never held them up as a good example.

I can think of several athletes and pastors that once they were exposed, they never were able to get it back together in life. This is important. Once they lost the respect of their peers and of themselves, most often they could never get it back. Satan tempts us in all areas, and it always seems so easy to just let go. What Satan doesn’t show you is what happens when you lose your own self-respect. The result is usually failure that you never come back from.

My point is to be very vigilant and purposeful in life because it is very fragile. The greatest emotion a person can develop is one of self-respect and hope for the future. When you lose one or the other of those emotions, many people find themselves lost in life. So, be aware and very focused as you make decisions in your life because more times than not, the small decisions can become the big ones.

Choose your examples well and never wish to be like someone else because there is only one you. If you believe anything you have ever heard, hear this: God did not make a mistake when he made you, your personality, your looks, etc. Never be intimidated in any area and think you are less than someone else. God knew before Jesus was born exactly where you would live in the world, exactly who you would be, and exactly why he made you like you are.

You don’t need idols, stars or athletes to look up to. Just make a decision to be who you are and never wish to be someone else or place other people as the example you want to become. All you need to become is you. KT

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