Winners and whiners

The difference between how the words winner and whiner are spelled is a couple of letters. The real life difference between people that are winners and people that are whiners is something entirely opposite.

Have you ever seen the person that whines all the time? Nothing is ever ok, and they want everyone to know all the bad events of their day and their life. There are people I know that I refuse to ask how they are doing because they will tell meeverything.

Winners, on the other hand, are different. The word winner has been used to describe people that feel they have to win at all costs, beat their competition, act upbeat and basically be an irritating person to be around. That is not what I mean by the use of the word winner. For me, that word describes a person who is secure in his/her skin and looks at life with expectation and hope rather than failure and doom. A winner to me is a person that is honest, transparent, and real and tries their best to be a good steward of the gifts they have been given.

Small-minded people talk about other people, average-minded people talk about things, and great-minded people talk about ideas. Being a winner does not mean you will never fail, never lose, and never be depressed. It means they choose to pick themselves up and go try to do better next time. Whiners will fail at something and then milk it for years as if that one failure was their only shot at a future.

The difference between how the two words are spelled is very close, but the difference in life is big, broad, and wide. The great news is everyone gets to choose which word describes them. KT

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