What season are you in?

There are seasons of the year and there are also seasons in our lives.

I was talking with a couple last night that have one child in college and a high school senior that will be going to college next fall. We were talking about life and the changing seasons and I told them that sometimes I still think my wife and I are in that college season. Then I stop and realize that we simply have moved past that period in our lives and I told them I still have shirts hanging in my closet from 10-12 years ago. We were speaking of time seasons in our lives.

Today I was talking with a young man in his 30’s and was reflecting on that period in my own life. For us, it was a beautiful period when my daughters were young but it was also a very stressful financial period because I had invested in some restaurants that nearly took us down. It took me five years to get through that season and I am ever so grateful that it has passed.

You may be going through a relationship season, work season, financial season, health season, job season etc. The bible tells us that there is a time for every season. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 (you should read this) speaks about this very subject. Verse 1 starts with “To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”

I guess what I am saying is that you may be going through a tough season in your life or maybe a great season in your life and the point is that nothing stays the same. Hopefully you will go from good season to better season but if you are going through a tough season, remember that this too shall pass.

In the tough seasons, try to remember they will pass and do your best to learn what you can. If you are in a good season, make the decision to not take it for granted and choose to be there in those moments. KT

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