We need Christmas

This blog is not about a religious holiday. It is about an annual period of peace.

As I watched what happened in New York and Colorado this week, Vegas a month ago, San Bernardino, Orlando etc., we live in unprecedented times. Between social media and 24-hour news cycles, we live in a time of strife, anger, confusion and social tension.

That is why I say we need Christmas.

Christmas is the one period each year where people choose to see the best in others. It is a time when people listen to music that is uplifting and watch movies where violence is replaced with love and joy. A time where we repeat traditions that have been passed down through our families and sit by the fireplace as we are surrounded by the warmth of our homes and the healing of our hearts. We hold our children and grandchildren and tell them we love them and choose to be less connected to the world via cell phones and replace it with volunteering at places to help others. We speak to people in the grocery store and wave to friends and neighbors and ask how they are doing. On occasion, we even say a cheerful holiday greeting to someone we don’t even know. We surround ourselves with joyful ambiance and we filter out the unpleasantness and basically, it is like we unintentionally go back to a simpler time and pace of life.

Yep, we need some Christmas. KT

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