Updating your iPhone

I did one of the silliest things I have ever done a couple of days ago, I updated my iPhone before I had to. My philosophy is simple. If it works now, don’t change it. Well, the other day I was trying to upload some ding dong app that I may use twice a month and it wouldn’t let me add the app until I undated to the next 10.3 version. I said “roger that,” and started the update. Dumb.

Well after it updated, nothing except email looked the same. We have 21k contact files in our Outlook and before the update, you could search Outlook and the results were almost instant. Now, I may as well have lost all 21k files because some little engineer somewhere decided that with the update, we no longer needed the contact files. I have called Apple and they have engineers trying to figure out the problem and according to them, I am the only person in the known universe that is experiencing this problem. I went on to tell them that three people in my own office have the same problem. They don’t care and I personally believe they just want you to do the updates so the functions will cease to work and you will be forced to go buy a new Apple 8 iPhone for $999. Somebody tell me I’m wrong…. I didn’t think so.

I envision getting my hands on the little engineer’s neck that came up with this update but I would probably have to go to Indonesia and find some 14-year-old in a hut somewhere. That brings me to another sore spot. Why is it that every time Microsoft, Apple or whoever comes out with a new version that supposedly works better, it never does? In fact, after you update, you need a manual to learn the new format. It would be like getting your car tuned up and as you go to leave, you now must turn left to go right and put the car in reverse to go forward. Ha. Why can’t an improvement or update be simply that, where it looks the same and operates the same but just faster and better.

So, the point is, I gave up a function that I use 40 times a day for a ding dong function I may use twice a month. Not everything in life must be updated because many times, it works better just like it is. Go figure. KT

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