Typing class

There are moments in life that you look back on and realize you made the wrong decision. One such decision for me was typing class my senior year of high school.

When I put together my schedule, I needed an elective and somehow, I ended up in typing class. I remember thinking, “there is no need for me to learn how to type. I’m never going to use it in life” So what did I do? I transferred out of typing and got into a guitar class. Boy, that was a good career move!

There is not a day that goes by at work, when I am typing with two fingers, that I don’t think about that decision. I see all these other people with their hands in the right place and using all 10 fingers and it looks so simple.  Here I am hunting and pecking like a chicken, when if I had just stayed in the right class, how much easier communicating would be. Of course, for all those who are young reading this blog, we didn’t have computers, laptops, cell phones, snap chat, Facebook, email, and texting. The closest thing I came to typing was tightening the hose clamp on my Corvair.

For me the internet was the wiring under my car dash, A ram was a Dodge truck, Bandwidth was what Three Dog Night was singing. Memory was how I played at the last football game. Bits and Bytes was what you got in woods. Reboot was when you tried on another pair. Broadband was the Mama’s & the Papas band. Virus, spyware, worm, and Malware referred to being sick or Russian, or fishing or your underwear was too tight. A cookie and spam were something you ate; you get the point. Ha

Anyway,,,,,sometimes those itty-bitty decisions can have a long-term effect on your life, so choose well. KT

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