The smell of home

I hope as you read this blog that your home has good memories and that it is a resting place for you. I am grateful that our home has many, many good memories, and it is where I want to go to rest and recharge.

Every home has a smell that is unique to that home. I could walk into our home blindfolded and tell you where I was. I love the smell of our life, which is how our home smells. My grandparents on both sides of the family were all farmers in Missouri and their farmhouses had a distinctive smell I remember as a child. My parent’s home holds many good memories and good smells of my mother cooking at Thanksgiving.  Every now and then, I will smell something that reminds me of my grandparent’s homes, my parent’s home, or our current home.

It is really the smells of your life and the life of your children that is so special. Again, I hope that you have good memories of your childhood home or your current home and that the smell of your home brings you comfort. Staying at hotels or with family is fine if you are traveling, but you know you are not home and not at the place of rest.

When I think of my daughters and grandchildren, I hope that they have good memories when they come to our house. I hope that my grandbabies remember what it smells like at our home. I believe it is up to us to make great memories for our family and even a small thing like the smell of a cake being baked or fresh cookies in the oven can make a joyful memory. KT

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