The rooms of our home

Each room of our home holds memories of the past as well as expected memories for the future.

Upstairs in our home are the old rooms of my two daughters. They have both graduated college, gotten married, and moved on to the next phases of their lives. When I go up to those rooms, I remember the years of them growing up through school, dating, prayers, tears, and the day they left to go to college. I remember the two days that my two daughters left for college like it was yesterday; those two days were so emotional for me. I realized with both events that my babies were not just leaving for college, they were leaving home. In a dad’s mind, leaving home is a lot different than leaving for college. In those rooms were many great, precious moments with my girls when they were still living at home.

You can go through the dining room, family room, pool table room, workout room, and computer room, and they all hold many great memories of past events.

One room that is really special to me today is our family room. My beautiful wife redecorated that room a couple years back with all new furniture, rugs, curtains, etc. The most special part of the room is where the grandchildren’s toys are kept. You walk into this beautiful room and then you look to the side to see all the toys, baby dolls, strollers, books, and puzzles. I wouldn’t change it for anything. Upstairs, both of my granddaughters have a room where they sleep, take naps, and have stories read to them. That is where kisses and hugs are given out and where great, current memories are being made.

Sometimes in our life we need to get a new perspective on how blessed we are and what means the most. If your home is like ours, all you need to do is to walk from room to room to remember what is most precious in your life. KT

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