Swinging for the fence

There are very few things in this life that gives you a sense of accomplishment like trying as hard as you can at something. It doesn’t matter what your line of work is. Simple trying your very best is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences you can have.

We used to go on this camping trip every year to Vogel State Park and the main event every evening was a softball game. There were two guys that were the real players while the rest of us just enjoyed the game. One was Billy Myers and the other was Andy Murdock. The field we played on was maybe 225 feet to the creek and the objective was to hit the ball over the creek because that was an automatic home run. I remember watching Andy bat one night and he swung so hard that he came out of his shoes. It was easily a home run but I also thought, what a great metaphor for selling. The idea of going into a sales pitch and swinging at the ball as hard as you can.

Selling is like being a preacher. The people listening to the sermon (or sale pitch) know if you have prepared or if you are just winging it. It also tells the people listening how much you respect them. If you prepare, it tells them you spent time getting ready because you respect them and you want their approval.

Over the years I have been in many sales pitches. Some I planned well for and others I just winged it. As with all sales, you get hired on some and not hired on others. As I look back over my career I can say with certainly that when I prepared at my best, my percentage of being hired was far greater. I find that even on the occasions where you prepared well and didn’t get hired, you left with the client’s respect and usually got the call the next time he was ready to sell something.

So, like the camping softball games at Vogel, swing the bat as hard as you can (prepare well) and when the ball does go over the creek, it is some of the most rewarding and fulfilling memories you can create. KT

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