Creating a why

I was in a sales meeting recently that was quite impressive. It was national in scope yet targeted to the local market.

As I listened to leaders speak I was stuck with the thought, if I was asked to speak, what would I present as my thoughts on how to grow the company long term. My answer, find the why. We all know the way and generally know the how, but in my humble opinion, it is the why that propels a person or company forward. I define the why as some organization, charity or area of giving that you can get involved with and support that moves you emotionally.

When I was at my lowest point financially (1990) and was at the point of bankruptcy from the restaurants, I discovered that just making money for the sake of making money did not drive me. I needed something more. I found that giving was healing to my soul and I also found in my daughter’s eyes the desire and drive I needed to make a better life for them and I knew at that time that I needed to lay the foundation for the future of my family. I wanted my daughters to be without need but also to respect the role money plays in our life and the impact of what helping others has on your soul, your personality and your self-esteem.

Without going into too much detail, we started as a family seeing money as a way to help others and be right before God.

So, if I were a speaker at a business conference, I would try as best I could to find the “why” and not just the “how.” Money is good and useful especially when you are paying bills, but money, just for the sake of money or sales goals just for the sake of sales goals, leaves an empty space in our soul that can only be filled by finding a “why” that moves you emotionally. It makes you want to make more money so you can have more to give. It literally changes the viewing lens through which you see the world. KT

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